Saturday, September 11, 2021

Are You Awake Or Asleep?

 The term "awake" is used by many pursuers of New Age and metaphysical ideas. The notion that someone is "awake" implies that they are no longer blindly living life. But many also consider being "awake" something that is limited to mental awareness. I want to explain that being truly awake is more than just having a different set of beliefs. It dictates how you live your 3D life.

The difference between being "awake" and "asleep" is the difference between choosing and reacting. In order to be able to choose, though, you must first be aware. But how does one become aware of something they are unaware of? This is why so many have started to "wake up" from their sleepwalking. The portion of each individual that is their true whole must first become noticed by the individuals. This can happen in many different ways, but the first step for someone to "wake up" is to start by questioning their reality. By "reality", I'm not referring to questioning physical reality, although that can be the trigger as well. Rather, "reality" simply means that they question what they believe, think, or do. Until a person questions why they believe or think or do, whatever that is, they will continue to live asleep. This is because the lack of awareness is by definition being asleep (not in control, just observing, being led rather than leading).

An individual who lives in the ever-present moment ("now") lives aware of that moment. Because they are aware, they have the ability to choose what they will do in that moment. But the individual who is unaware, is usually living in their mind. They are physically present, but mentally somewhere else. They may be planning the next event or thinking of what just happened or considering how to deal with a situation. They are ever thinking their way through life, but unaware of the conditions around them until something grabs their attention. By the time the "world" around them gets their attention, they are unable to choose because it is an unexpected situation. So the unaware individual reacts to the situation. Most of the time, they will react based on their unconscious beliefs. The beliefs they hold dictate how they should react because they are the limitations they put upon themselves. That is what beliefs do, they create boundaries of what is possible or not possible, allowed or not allowed. It defines what their world is or should be like.

When I use the term "react" it does not mean an immediate reaction. If someone who is "asleep" hears some news or information they do not like, their reaction may not be immediate. Instead, their actions will be a reaction based on their beliefs, regardless of how quick or slow they act. Their choices are limited by their belief system and their possible choices unconsciously drift towards those familiar choices. They could be called "habit" or "preference".

The awake individual's response to a similar situation will be different. They would recognize what is occurring and awareness means they see it for what it is. The idea of "love" in the world is misconstrued to mean an emotional acceptance. This is in practice limited to love between individuals or other "living" things. It does not always extend to situations or circumstances. For example, even some in the New Age community limit their idea of love in the world to just those things that are "good". They reject those things that are considered "bad" or "evil". It may not be a rejection of individuals, but they reject acts that they consider "bad". The true nature of "love" is to accept all situations and circumstances as being a natural and required experience and expression. Even those events such as murder and death cannot be excluded because they are a part of the overall condition. This is a highly controversial and morally objected concept because it is looked at as contrary to the idea of "love". But that is why I say they focus only on the emotional aspect of love. The true nature of love is unconditional. If it was not so, it could not exist. The awake individual will recognize that its existence in experience means it is allowed and natural. It is the unaware that judge based on their beliefs.

The awake individual sees things as it is, rather than what they believe it is. They do not judge it away if they do not agree with it, nor do they reject it as being something unnatural or unaccepted. To be awake means you are aware of the situation as a whole. You do not see things in parts. The sleepwalker sees things as pieces and fragments. Because they do not see the whole, the picture they see is incomplete. They focus on the parts and only care about the parts, rather than the whole. This is why there is moral judgment about some situations because they focus only on the effect on a part and not the whole.

To be awake is to be different. As you can imagine, having a world-view where all is allowed and all is good can be counter to the rest of the world that sees things in parts (good vs bad, right vs wrong, etc.). To view the world as parts means they see things separated, disconnected, and incomplete. But that is why they are asleep. That is why they react rather than choose. Their beliefs dictate their choices rather than their own conscious free will. This is not meant to imply the sleepwalker is wrong or bad or is not choosing through free-will. No one is controlled, and no one is without free-will, even those who are not "awake". The difference is that their choices are limited and bound by their beliefs. It is merely a description of what it is like to be not-awake. There is nothing wrong with this, as it is also a part of the experience. Again, to be awake means to accept all to be as it is and all is as it should be at this space and time. Nothing is a mistake and nothing is without purpose or intent.

If you want to know if you are awake or asleep, I believe the above is a good gauge to determine this for you. It has nothing to do with how much you know or understand, although they can be an important aspect of acceptance, since beliefs lead you one way or another. Not everyone can easily accept everything as it is, because of the beliefs they hold. Jesus was an example of what it means to be awake. He accepted all as it is, not as he wished it to be (this is what is meant by "not as I will, but as you [God] will"). To live life in the moment means to live as it is because it is as it should be. If you do not accept what is as it is, then you are living in your mind, wishing it was different, and that shows that there is more conditions that you will face to give you an opportunity to love unconditionally. To wish away or deny or reject means you do not accept this part of yourself.

Lastly, the notion that "loving the world" is "bad" is a misinterpretation. This is basically saying "do not be asleep". To "love the world" in the context mentioned by Jesus is to say "wake up" and see the world for what it is, which is an expression of the universe (you) at the moment, experiencing moving towards unity (you recognizing Oneness). One should not fall for the illusion of the world as if that is all there is or that it is without meaning. The first step is to see that you are not simply a detached part, but rather the whole experiencing being a part from one perspective.

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