Saturday, November 6, 2021

Freedom of Choice Always Exists

 In life, there are two ways to approach any issue: go against it or choose something more preferable. The difference between these two approaches have very different results and effects. This is the lesson being learned today on our planet. How do you act when presented with a situation you do not prefer?

There are many people today who are faced with choosing a "side". The clear divisions that were not clear before have forced people to look at what they prefer in their life. Do they want justice or do they want freedom? Do they want safety or do they want choices? Do they want equity or do they want opportunity? How one goes about choosing the best path towards these choices impact themselves and those around them, as is plain to see.

I see people acting on their beliefs in two ways, besides those who do not act on these questions. 

The first group believes that one must change what they do to realize the choice they prefer. This group acts out of their preference for something rather than focusing on what they dislike. This requires some type of sacrifice, as the opportunities or conditions that exist in the choice not taken will be lost. In practical terms, this could mean they would not be able to remain employed at their company or they may lose relationships. But the preferred choice is more important to them and is willing to decide on that path. This does not involve others being dictated to in order to get their preferred choice.

The second group believes that one must resist or fight the choice they do not prefer. This type of action requires the individuals to focus on what they can do to disrupt or force the other choice from existing. In order to remove the other choice from existence, they try to destroy it, bury it, deny it, shun it. The consequence of this action is division and separation. An example of this can be disliked personal traits or relationships. They choose to make the person or thing go away rather than the individual changing themselves. This type of choice is made because the individual does not want to change themselves. They want to keep their preferred reality by trying to force their world to change. In the end, their world becomes the enemy because it is difficult to force the world to change.

The path towards unity requires that all consciousness be allowed free-will expression, and regardless of perception, all consciousness always has free-will to choose. Even for the second group case, those dictated to by the individuals who want to force the world to change, the world does not have to accept the individuals dictates. It is each individuals beliefs about how their issues can be resolved that makes it seem like they have power over others, but in truth, since all is One and all are connected together, everything is moving together as the world changes together.

The appearance of division and friction is a perception based on ones individual beliefs about their preference. The first group may see friction in what the second group is doing, but the second group will see a clear path to their goal. The second group may see indifference or defiance in the first group, but the first group will see freedom. It all depends on what each individual focuses on based on the importance to them. Because of this, no one can truly say that there is any problem in the world except relative to their beliefs. The world is moving and changing as it always has. It is only when you focus on one aspect of change do you see differences. But does having differences mean there is a problem in the world?

It is your purpose in this life to choose what you prefer. Because of this, there will be differences in the world. This does not mean it is a problem or that the differences will end in failure. Without differences, you cannot have change. If all is the same, then there can be no change. The push and pull, the flow going this way or that way is what you see in the world in different forms. If the flow of energy is rushing against you, you may feel it negatively and vice-versa if the flow of energy is going with you. The question is, do you want to plant your feet into the group and resist that flow? If so, then you will feel the effects of your choice. You could also choose to go with the flow, and you will feel no effect since you are then one with the energy flowing. Resistance or surrender sound grandiose or helpless depending on what you think the end result should be. However, whatever term sounds in contrast to your ideals may not necessarily be so. It could be that you have yet to realize the bigger picture or trust that all is truly One.

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